Last Update: Fri October 9, 2015 at 11:59AM

Bands, You now also have the option of using a self posting facebook version of The Good Blues Update website. Have a gig?!?! Advertise it right there. . . . right now! Go to the facebook group page it's called "San Diego Blues Central (and beyond)" When posting events include date, address, time, cover and other pertinent info. . . not just a link that folks have to wade through searching for details. Thank you! *Submit your band schedule and events for sharing here to

~ Shows by Date ~

*Candye Kane Collect all of her records. . . trust me folks, you will be glad you did. Order the Coming Out Swinging! CD and Check their schedule.

*Chet and The Committee Good Time Blues, Swing and Rockin' Boogie
-10/9, Tio Leo's Lounge Friday Night - 5302 Napa Street, San Diego (off Morena Blvd.) Dancing, Great Food, Cold Beer, Coffee and Cocktails Served! Live 8:30 - 11:30 pm. $5.00 at Door. Bring a friend and dance those blues away! (619) 542-1462. See

*James Harman
James has a new record out called "Bonetime". Get your copy when you can!

*Robin Henkel
-10/10 and 10/16, Nate's Garden Grill - 3120 Euclid Ave. San Diego. From 6:00 pm. Being Organic is big thing here. (619) 546-7700. Visit And

*Casey Hensley Band
-10/10, Tio Leo's Lounge - 5302 Napa St, San Diego. Food, Beer, Cocktails and Dancing. Live from 8:00 pm. $5.00 Cover. For more details Check out And

*Jeffrey Joe and Ben Powell
10/10, Java Joe's - 3538 Adams Ave. San Diego. Local Art on display, Casual Refreshments and Good Music 8:00 - 10:00 pm. Door donation goes to the band.

*Wayne Markus and The City Slickers
-10/10, Chico - 7366 El Cajon Blvd. Home of The Big Ass Beer and The Buccaneer. Music from 8:00 pm. Telephone (619) 465-4190 Or Visit

*Taryn Donath Watch out y'all!

*Big Easy Brunch
-10/11, Sand Crab Tavern - 2229 Micro Place, Escondido. Sundays 11:00 am - 2:00 pm. New Orleans style menu with many Fresh Seafood selections. Mimosas and Thirty five - Yes, (35) brands of beer served with live music each week!

*Blues Brunch with Good Live Music
-10/11, Proud Mary's Grill - 5550 Kearny Mesa Rd. (Clairemont Mesa Blvd. at the 163). Good Food, Beer, Dancing. . . Sundays from 11:00 am.

*Sunday Brunch and Jam
-10/11, Gaslamp - 6251 E Pacific Coast Hwy, Long Beach. Now Serving Sunday Brunch and a real good time. Live Blues by Mike Arguello with Junior Watson, Bill Stuve, Ron Felton and assorted special guests sitting in! Free Parking, No Cover, Fun for all! Bottomless Mimosas, Surf and Turf, Bloody Mary's, Eggs Benedict, Country Fried Steak and more. . . Open 11:00 am. Music from 12:00 pm. More info Call (562) 596-4718. Visit or

*Dave Good Jazz Workshop
-10/11, Java Joe's - 3536 Adams Avenue, San Diego. Come out to play or just to listen. Sundays from 2:00 - 4:00 pm. For info Call (619) 274-9989 Or See

*Chet and The Committee Good Time Blues, Swing and Rockin' Boogie
-10/11, Patio Party Blues Jam at Downtown Cafe - 182 E. Main St, downtown El Cajon. Dancing Welcome, No Cover Charge, All Ages Invited, Hot Food, Cold Beer, Cocktails. The Band with a few of our friends sitting in for the fun of it. . . come by to say hi! Jammers; Drums, Bass Amp and PA are Provided. Bring what gear you need to Play. Dancers; it's a concrete patio but Dancing is Always Welcome. Come have some fun! Party 3:30 - 6:30 pm. (or so).

*The Fremonts Deep in the Swamp

*Billy Watson You're gonna have a good time!
-10/11, Coyote Bar - 300 Carlsbad Village Dr, Carlsbad. Patio Fire pits, Good Food, Cold Beer, Wines, Cool Live Music from 5:00 pm. and The largest selection of Tequila anywhere around here! Call (760) 729-4695 Or see And

*Cadillac Zack has the Best Jam
-10/11, Malarkey's - 168 North Marina Drive in Long Beach, CA. Live Blues, Good Food, Cold Beer, Cocktails Sold now most Sundays 4:00 - 8:00 pm. Call (562) 598-9431. Zack:

*The Blues Brokers Shakin at The Kraken
-10/11, The Kraken - 2531 S. Hiway 101, Cardiff by Sea. Cold Beer, Full Cocktail Bar. . . and plenty of room for Dancing! Sundays from 4:00 pm.

*KSDS Sunday Jazz Jam
-10/11, Proud Mary's Grill - 5550 Kearny Mesa Rd. (Clairemont Mesa Blvd. at 163). Dancing, Good Food, Beer, Cocktails. PA, Bass Amp, Small amp and Keyboard provided. 6:30 - 9:30 pm. Try the Fried Chicken! (858) 278-0800 Or

*Robin Henkel Band
-10/11, Lestat's Coffee House - 3343 Adams Ave, San Diego. Now Open 24 Hours a Day. Serving Fresh Coffee, Sandwiches and Live Music 8:00 - 11:30 pm! (619) 282-0437 Or And

*Steph Johnson will knock you out!

*Michele Lundeen and Blues Streak
-10/12, Humphrey's Lounge - 2241 Shelter Island Drive, San Diego. Dancing, Good Food and Drinks Served! from 7-11 pm. Call (619) 224-3577. Visit And

*Boogie Magazine Jam
-10/12, Navajo Live - 8515 Navajo Rd. San Diego. (619) 465-1730. Monday at 8:00 pm! See www.navajolive Or Boogie Magazine

*Cadillac Zack has the Best Jam
-10/12, Maui Sugar Mill Saloon - 18389 Ventura Blvd. in Tarzana, CA. Another fun night with some of the coolest fans! Featuring National Or Regional Guest Artists each week. Most Mondays Live from 8:00 pm. Donation requested at the front door. Meet Zack: Or Call (818) 344-0034.

*The Groove Squad
-10/12, Patrick's Gaslamp Pub - 428 F Street, downtown San Diego. (619) 233-3077. Drinking, Dancing and all that from 8:00 pm. Visit

*Bill Magee Still rocking the blues

*Michael Dwyer Check him out sometime
-10/13, Hacienda Casa Blanca - 700 N. Johnson Ave. El Cajon. Fine Mexican Dining and Live Music Now on Most Tuesdays from 5:30 pm. Telephone (619) 442-9827. Visit Or

*Missy Andersen 2014 BMA Nominee for Soul Blues Artist Female
-10/13, Humphrey's Lounge - 2241 Shelter Island Drive, San Diego. Dancing, Good Food and Drinks Served! Call (619) 224-3577. Visit And Make sure to pick up a copy of the New CD In The Moment!

*Solo Blues Tuesday With Mr. Robin Henkel
-10/13, House of Blues - 1055 Fifth Ave. downtown San Diego on Salvation Alley Stage! Good Food, Cold Drinks and Live Music from 7:00 - 9:00 pm.

*Doug Allen Jam is Back
-10/13, The Kraken - 2531 South Highway 101 in Cardiff by The Sea. Now Most Tuesdays 8:00 - 12:00 pm.

*Ruby and The Red Hots

*Ron Houston of Sick String Outlaws
-10/13, Spring Valley Inn - 9034 Campo Road, Spring Valley, CA 91977. (619) 303-7781. Now most Tuesdays. Cocktails, Cold Beer, No Cover and music by Ron 8:00 - 11:00 pm!

*John Marx and The Blues Patrol
-10/13, Chop Shop - 4351 Valley Fair St., Simi Valley, CA. (Most Tuesdays) at 7:00 pm. Whiskey and Wings. . . Everything in between! Visit Or Call (805) 581-6021. Check John out here

*Tuesday Blues Jam Lawndale
-10/13, Eagle's Nest Saloon - 15150 Prairie Ave. Lawndale Ca. Hosted by Howlin' Blues. Every Tuesday Night! Bass amp, Drums, P.A. provided. You bring the rest to the Nest! 8:00 - 11:30 pm. See you there!

*Walter Gentry's Hot Chicken Wing Jam
-10/13, Patrick's Pub - 428 'F' St. downtown San Diego. Most Tuesdays. Drinking, Dancing. . . from 8:00 pm. Bound to be Fun!

*Johnny Vernazza Gold Record Artist

*Tomcat Courtney
-10/14, Turquoise Cafe Bar Europa - 873 Turquoise Street, North Pacific Beach. 7:00 pm. Now on most Wednesdays. Call (858) 488-4200 for more details.

*The Dixie Express Sounds like New Orleans
-10/14, Fuddruckers - 5500 Grossmont Center Drive, La Mesa. (across from Macy's). Looking for a good burger and some cool Dixieland music? Then get down here! Wednesdays 6:00 - 8 pm. Or

*Jamming Out Hosted by The Little Kings
-10/14, House of Blues - 1055 Fifth, Downtown San Diego. Wednesdays 7:00 - 11:00 pm. Back line provided. This is a plug in and play affair. No amps needed. . . Sign up today! Also Visit

*KSDS Wednesday Jam With Special Guests
-10/14, Hosted by Mark Augustin and Mr. J. Otis Williams of KSDS 88.3 Radio fame. Proud Mary's Bar and Grill - 5550 Kearny Mesa Road. (Clairemont Mesa Blvd. at 163). Dancing, Good Food, Beer, Cocktails. PA, Bass Amp, Small amp and Keyboard provided. 6:30 - 9:30 pm. Try the Fried Chicken! (858) 278-0800 Or

*Sara Petite and The Sugar Daddies Rocking Americana and Country

*Dave Scott Latin Jazz Trio
-10/14, Hacienda Casa Blanca - 700 N. Johnson Avenue, El Cajon. Fine Mexican Dining Wednesdays at 5:30 pm. Call (619) 442-9827 Or See

*Will Lovealot
-10/14, Humphrey's Lounge - 2241 Shelter Island, San Diego. Dancing, Good Food, Beer, Cocktails, Free Parking, 1/2 Price Happy Hour 5 - 7:00 pm. Music from 8:00 pm. Check out and

*Rock Your Billy Wednesday
-10/14, Tio Leo's - 5302 Napa St. San Diego. Dancing, Great Mexican Food, Ice Cold Beer, Coffee, Classic Cocktails! Special Hot Rod Parking. Live from 8:00 - 11:00 pm. Be part of a new rockabilly revival! $5.00. Call (619) 542-1462. Visit

*Alex Gomez and Friends BDJ
-10/14, Padre Gold aka American Legion Post 731 - 7245 Linda Vista Rd. San Diego. (858) 277-8681. Wednesdays from 6:00 - 9:00 pm Back line provided. Bring your Guitar, Bass, Sticks, Keys, Amps etc. . . Off 163 Genesee Ave. Exit at Linda Vista Rd.

*The Farmers Gonna Rock you up!

*Mr Tomcat Courtney
-10/15, Proud Mary's Bar and Grill - 5550 Kearny Mesa Road. Thursdays 6:00 - 9:00 pm. Try the Fried Chicken! (Clairemont Mesa Blvd. at the 163)

*Blues and Brews Jam Thursday With The Committee and Friends
-10/15, Bolt Brewery - 8179 Center Street, La Mesa. Come by for a few cold ones and some good time swinging blues. If you like cold beer. . . you are going to love it here! Jammers, PA, Bass Amp and Drums are Provided. Bring what gear you'll need to play. Dancers, it is concrete but Dancing is Welcome so pack your powder and dancing shoes. Keeping it real with my pals Steady Freddie, Preacher, Tim Coleman. . . and all of You folks. Drop on over here from 6:30 - 9:30 pm. to help us make it a Party like ya always do. Check it out!

*Mercedes Moore Band Will Reach Your Soul
-10/15, Tio Leo's Lounge - 5302 Napa St, San Diego. Food, Beer, Cocktails and Dancing. Live from 8:00 pm. $5.00 Cover. For more details Check out And

*Archie Thompson and The Archtones
-10/15, Eddie V's - 789 W. Harbor Drive, San Diego. Cocktails, Prime Seafood and More. Thursdays 6:00 - 10:00 pm. Telephone (619) 615-0281 or See And

*Swinging Thursdays
-10/15, Tio Leo's Lounge - 5302 Napa St, San Diego. Food, Beer, Cocktails and Dancing. Live from 8:00 pm. $5.00 Cover. For more details Check

*Ron Houston of Sick String Outlaws
-10/15, The Harp - 4935 Newport Ave. in Ocean Beach. Now most Thursdays. Good Food, Cold Beer, No Cover and music by Ron from 8:00 - 11:00 pm!

*Shelle Blue and Souled Out

*Dennis Jones Band Blues you can Rock to!
-10/17, Ramona Mainstage - 626 Main St. Ramona. All Ages, Free Parking, Cold Beer, Light Refreshments, Dancing! Tickets Now Also See

*The 44s featuring Johnny Main and some other Bad Muthas
Here is a little sample for y'all!

*Roni Lee Guitar Slinger in your town
-10/18, Tuscany - 6981 El Camino Real in Carlsbad. Serving Dinner, Wine, Cocktails and Classic Desserts Call for Reservations: (760) 929-8111. Visit And

*Laurie Morvan Band

*Jamming Out Hosted by Casey Hensley Band
-10/21, House of Blues - 1055 Fifth, Downtown San Diego. Wednesdays 7:00 - 11:00 pm. Back line provided. This is a plug in and play affair. No amps needed. . . Sign up today! Also Visit

*Nathan James and The Rhythm Scratchers

*Sue Palmer Boogie Woogie Queen
-11/4, Tio Leo's First Tuesday - 5302 Napa Street, San Diego (off I-8 at Morena Blvd.) Dancing, Great Food, Beer, Coffee and Cocktails Served! $5.00 at Door. (619) 542-1462. See And

*Rebecca Jade

*First Friday Happy Hour
-11/6, Gillespie Cafe - 2015 N. Marshall, El Cajon (by Flight Tower) Party from 4:30 pm.
No Cover, Free Parking, Good Food, Wine, Pie and Coffee, Cold Beer, Cool Live Music, Vintage Airplanes and More!

*Cadillac Wreckers doin their thing. . .

*Coyote Blues Redemption First Saturday
-11/7, Pour House - 1903 S. Coast Hiway, Oceanside 5:00 - 9:00 pm. Beer, Dancing! Check it out

*Nena Anderson This gal can Sing!

*Acoustic Blues Jam
-11/9, Templar's Hall at Old Poway Park - 14134 Midland Road in Poway. Now being held 6:30 - 9:00 pm on first Monday of each month. Telephone (858) 668-4576 for details.

PLEASE check with the band or venues before you head out to that party!
Things sometimes get changed with no advance notice to us here at the GBU.

~ Other Good Stuff ~

*Fred Heath and The Slidewinders

*Eve Selis Band Boot Stompin' Americana

*Billy Watson It just don't get much better!
Get the new record Available from the band Now. Visit

*Missy Andersen 2014 BMA Nominee for Soul Blues Artist Female Get your copy of the New In The Moment CD!

*Bubba McCoy Knows what to do! Pick up his new Learn To Dance With Bubba CD!

*Little Hurricane this duo will blow you away!

*Black Market III Rock Blues and More

*Rhythm and The Method Good Times Tonight

*Stoney B Blues

*Sue Palmer Boogie Woogie Queen

*Gregory Page just good music

*Adrianna Marie and The Groovecutters With LA Jones

*Fuzzy and The Bluesmen

*Michele Lundeen Workin it all night long

*Rick Estrin and The Nightcats. . . Tearing that Shtuff up! See

*Leilani Kilgore

*The Bedbreakers Blues and Roots

*Mercedes Moore Band Will Reach Your Soul

*Robin Henkel

*Christine Gilardi

*Jimmy Woodard's Swinging Kings

*Lady Dottie and The Diamonds

*Red Lotus Revue

*Casey Hensley

*American Monster Burlesque Blues Show

*Sara Petite and The Sugar Daddies Rocking Americana and Country

*Jerry DeMink Band Rockin' it Good

*Laura Harden With The Legends

*Big Jon Atkinson and The Nationals See

*Deb Ryder Powerhouse Vocalist at large

*Earl Thomas and The Rhumboogies

*Shari Puorto

*Give Me Back My Wig Featuring Lil G

*Laura Jane and The Tighten Ups

*Rod Piazza and Mighty Flyers

*Amber Whitlock Jazz and R 'N B

*Bayou Brothers Get your Zydeco on!

*Whitney Shay Singin' up a storm!

*Chickenbone Slim & The Biscuits

*Bad Penny and The Pistols With Ms. Dawn Nier

*Hoodoo Blues

*Sue Palmer Boogie Woogie Queen

*Fabulous Thunderbirds featuring Kim Wilson

*Donna Larsen Singer Songwriter

*San Pedro Slim West Coast Blues

*Big Boss Bubeleh

*The Money Band With Mark Eppler Check

*Tiffany Jane and The Kicks

*Backwater Blues Band

*Lady Star brings the blues. . .

*Bi-Polar Express

*Sully Blue Eyed Soul Band

*The Gypsy Swing Cats think Django Reinhardt and for a sample

*The Fremonts Deep in the Swamp

*Brown Sugar Oldies - Rock - Blues

~ Great Mexican Food for Your Event ~

Planning a House Party or Street Fair and looking for a way to feed your hungry guests? Check with Gringas Tacos and Catering. They bring the mobile kitchen to your event serving some of the best Chicken and Carnitas I've ever had. Email Or Call Juan Carlos Ballestros at (619) 757-4749.

~ Meet with other Blues Fans ~

Check this out!

~ Looking For Work ~

West Coast Blues Guitarist available for pro shows and studio work. Last minute gigs okay. Call John Flynn: (619) 871-4960 or e-mail

Dummer available for professional gigs. Contact Grant Mitchell Today or (619) 248-1474.

Experienced soul/blues/R&B bassist now looking for a pro-level working band situation. Contact Harry Magalong (858) 386-3493 or email:

Experienced blues/rock guitarist accepting sub work for working band. Pro/Paid gigs only! Paul Alvarado (760) 451-0527, Or e-mail:

Big Jon Atkinson is a talented cat playing traditional blues in and around California. Harmonica, Guitar, Drums and he Sings like a Mutha! Fill ins are OK. Paid Pro Gigs Only!
Hit him up

Scottie Blinn back from a recent Black Market III Tour accepting side gigs on Guitar or Bass (619) 443-3051 or e-mail

Guitarist with plenty experience available for pro/paid gigs. Contact Joe Norwood:

Alto Sax Player Chuck "da killa" Arcilla Now accepting Paid Gigs! Call (619) 916-6147, or e-mail

Pro Bass Player Steve Welles is accepting gigs this week fill ins are ok. . . please contact Steve at

Drummer available for pro shows Ric Lee: or (619) 691-1609.

Experienced Harp player Steve Escamilla looking for work with a blues band. One night stands and/or Emergencies OK. call (760) 310-0822.

Tom Stewart drummer for Backwater Band now accepting paid professional gigs. . . Send e-mail to

Professional Bass Player Available for Serious Pro gigs. Former Member of Candy Kane Band. Contact Kennan Shaw Or Call (510) 761-7547.

Pro Tenor Sax Player available for paid gigs: Contact Dana "Kid Tater" Garret:

We may be Available for your House Party, Festival, Club, Street Fairs or Special Events. Swing by to check out our new web spot. Visit and like us on facebook, Or E-Mail with any questions.

Drummer Available for Pro Weekend Gigs. e-mail Greg "Stickman" Hennig here:

Harmonica Player Available: Pros only please. Can play drums at same time if needed. John Frazer (619) 263-6826 or

Top Notch Drummer seeks quality paid gigs only: Brian 'Nucci' Cantrell (619) 606-1649.

~ Ready for a Real Adventure? ~

Then check out the 2016 Baja Blues Against Hunger Tour is 15 day journey (February 2nd - February 17th) of Baja Sur! Experience Baja and all her beauty, Party Blues Style with new and old friends and help those in need in each city we enter. *Includes 14 nights stay, 6 Blues parties, awesome memories, endless families fed and helped, and More! This Car-a-van tour, let us know if you are a Driver or Rider (share gas expenses). We will help pair riders with drivers. We will reserve all the hotels and city tours for you (city tours are Extra).

~ Music Instruction ~

Private Drum Lessons - All Ages, All Levels Now Available with Billy Wear email Bill direct here:

Wayne Riker is accepting a few new students. 40 years teaching, all styles and levels. Class is on Tuesday and Wednesday in Kearny Mesa. Eleven books out on electric blues, Ongoing instructional columnist for Guitar Player, Acoustic Guitar and Premier Magazines, Seventeen years co-hosting workshops with many of the known A list blues guitarists, complete info and his contact is available online

Guitar lessons Now Available from Mr. Joe Norwood. He'll get you rockin! Blues, rock, and slide guitar. Contact today.

~ Chances Are ~

You're the best looking blues artist on the block Now get the best looking blues mag! Just got mine last week. Get yours soon. . . it's Beautiful!

~ Ready to Record ~

*Grease Punk Studio South Lakeside, CA is accepting projects. Owned and Operated by Scott Blinn of Mississippi Mudsharks and Black Market III. Specializing in Roots, Blues, Surf, Country and Rock. On a strict budget? Ask about the Good Blues Update Special. . . Recording, mixing, mastering and artwork can all be done "in house", saving more time and money than if done separate. From demos, full CD projects, Live shows whatever you need. For a list of studio equipment, producing credits, bands recorded, other services visit Hey, you will get more than your money's worth here! Contact: Scott Blinn (619) 443-3051 or

~ What's Happening Downtown ~

Find out all about it right here. . .

~ Live Stand Up Comedy ~ Cause we all can use a good laugh.

American Comedy Company - 818 Sixth Ave. San Diego. Food and Drinks Served! For Tickets Call (619) 795-3858 Or

~ Get it Fixed Right ~

You want the best gear?!? Get the best tech team. . . Call Top Gear Pro Shop Today! San Diego's One Stop Custom Guitar and Amp Shop! 7293 University Ave. in La Mesa. Open Monday - Friday 12:00 - 6:00 pm. Call (619) 464-4969 and ask for my pal Tim or send an E-mail to and Visit

San Diego meet Planet of The Amps your Full Service Vintage Tube Experts right here. Repair, Restoration and Modification of all tube amplifiers. Professional Service and Speedy Turn around Call Kevin (619) 890-7495 or email

~ Turn it On Tune in and Turn up ~

Janine Harty; Blues Up Front is tossing blues and other assorted good stuff at ya on KSDS Radio Friday Nights.

Every Shade of Blue with Mr. Michael Kinsman! Saturday 8:00 - 11:00 pm. Full schedule

Sue Palmer Sessions on KSDS 88.3 Sundays from 5:00 - 6:00 pm. Visit

Sheldon Abbott Cure for the Blues is on KUCI Radio Mondays from 10:00 am - 12:00 Noon. Tune in. . . he know his business!

Is it Late Sunday or Early Monday Blues with Michael Kinsman. Monday 12:00 - 2:00 am. Full schedule

I've got Blues for you with J Otis Williams Sundays 3:00 - 4:00 am. on KSDS Radio

Claudia Russell's Jazz Ride Home - KSDS Monday through Friday's 4:00 - 6:00 pm. Visit for more info.

~ Al Blake's Latest Record ~

*Blues According To Blake on Soulsanctuary label is Now Available from Blue Beat Music for only $14.00. Visit and place an order for your copy now! If you didn't know; Al has had a decades long career playing blues the right way. From early recordings with The Hollywood Fats Band thru his later solo sides and recordings with Mannish Boys and The Hollywood Blue Flames, Al has always maintained a deep understanding and respect for the original sound and players of the genre. This release covers several recordings from past few years and feature him on the guitar, harmonica and vocals with help from remaining members of Hollywood Fats Band; Richard Innes, Fred Kaplan and Larry Taylor, as well as multi instrumentalist Nathan James. The sound is traditional down home blues with age old themes and stellar musicianship. What more could you ask for?

~ From our Neighbors ~

Looking for blues in the L.A. area? Check with The Los Angeles Blues Society. Dedicated to preserving and perpetuating the wide variety of Live Blues music found
in Los Angeles and around Southern California.

~ Harmonica Goodies ~

Rockin Ron's Music
Looking for tools of the trade? Harmonicas, Replacement Reeds, Mics and things?!? Contact my friend Ron today for the hook up.

Lone Wolf Harp Delay Pedal
The first delay designed for harmonica. "Not a tone sucking modded guitar pedal but an actual tone enhancing harp delay" Dry portion of the signal passes through high value coupling capacitors for maximum bass response, the echo portion passes through 5 low pass filters providing maximum warmth. This digital delay has all the warmth of an analog delay and more. . . It has a broad range of effect; From tiled bathroom Sun and Chess recording sound, to slap-back, and multi repeats that fade like reverb. Doing all without increasing risk of feedback, or weakening tone - it also works great for voice. This Harp Delay pedal is guaranteed to please the most die-hard of analog delay fans.

~ Day by Day ~

Have you ever wondered what was happening in the blues scene fifty years ago today? Well, here is a good web site to learn about and hear some of it.

~ Check it First ~

Before buying a used axe be sure you're not buying a fellow musician's lost treasure. If you have lost one lately register it now. Owning a stolen guitar is very bad Ju-Ju!

~ Good Morning Ladies ~

OK, where are all my Blues Divas at?!? You'll be wanting to visit this interesting website. It's a Girl Thing!

~ Important Non Music Business ~

Did you ever ask for a pony or a horse of your own when you were a kid? I know right. . . Well, here is a chance to help take care of the rescued horses of Tir Na Nog Sanctuary. Hay, Donations and Volunteers are always needed! Visit

~ Check it Out ~

*If you're heading south of the border for a night or for the winter insure that vehicle. My pals at Baja Bound Insurance will hook you up right away!

*Firehouse Swing at San Diego Women's Club - 2557 3rd Ave, San Diego. A huge dance floor. . . one of the best places in San Diego to learn swing dancing! Visit for details.

*Have a show planned where you or the venue wants a Contract/Written Agreement? Check this link for some ideas where to begin.

*Need Gear? Guitars, Speakers, Amps, Drums, Stands, Mics, Hi Hats, Mixers and more. . . I got a pretty killer deal on a nice pair of those Peavy PR-12 speakers. Check with The Pawn Shop - 389 Broadway in Chula Vista.

*Rhythm Room - 1019 E. Indian School Road, Phoeniz AZ. Want Some Real Live Blues? This is the place! "It's like they moved Chicago out to the AZ!" Call (602) 265-4842 Or Visit

*Red Elvises
Not blues - just one of the best darn party bands around! Check this Tour Schedule!

*Always something going on at The Coach House - 33157 Camino Capistrano, San Juan Capistrano. Now Available for your private events. For information Call (949) 496-8930 today Or visit

*Still trying to figure out that guitar business? Check

*Heading to San Felipe for a Break at The Beach and looking for a nice place to stay? Chat with my friend Pam at Redwagon Property Services: Telephone them from the U.S. (619) 578-4378, or if in Baja Call (011) 52 686-576 0081. Visit

*Searching for New Orlean's Style Cuisine and great live entertainment in So Cal? Well, you're looking for Iva Lee's in San Clemente

*Good Blues every weekend at Arcadia Blues Club - 16 E. Huntington Dr, Arcadia. Just a short drive up the I-5. Good Salads, Sliders and Sandwiches! Solid Live Music! (626) 447-9349 Check

*Need a 15 Passenger Tour Van or a Compact car for family visiting this weekend? Contact our friends at AIRPORT Rent-A-Car for the Good Deals on Some Good Wheels! Airport Rent-A-Car 3101 India St. San Diego. (800) 243-9656 or (619) 295-3111.

*John Fuhrmann's Harp Page Playing Tips, Lessons and more! take a peek:

*101 Ways Harmonica Players can Sound Better by Dane Mr. Chromatonic Terry

*DIZZY'S where the music matters most. . .

*Free Business Tips and more for Musicians:

*Do you or a friend need help tuning that guitar? try this web tuner!

*Video of Your Band on DVD, Steady Hand With Good Quality Super Reasonable!
Contact Mark MOB Productions.

~ Weekly Shows ~

Monday Tango Lessons from 6-8 pm. Tio Leo's - 5302 Napa St.

The Barry Baughn Blues Band with friends Friday and Saturday Nights at Shanghai Reds - 255 S. Indian Canyon Dr. in Palm Springs at the Fisherman's Market Building 8-11 pm.

An Asterisk (*) by a band's listing usually means that they have a CD available. Come on now. . . Get Out, Have some Fun, Dance a Little and Collect them All!

Email your current upcoming unlisted schedule to

Heard of a Show not listed? See something you know isn't right? Send details!

Be sure and tell someone that you read about it here on the Good Blues Update web site! Remember. . . music is all that separates us from the other animals.